The 26 Goat Run - To be held monthly throughout lockdown

  Buttercups, like all animal sanctuaries, are suffering financially because of the Corona-19 virus.  At this time of the year, we should have many visitors to the sanctuary supporting us with donations.  To help the charity through these difficult times, the staff, with the help of our goats, have come up with the idea of a sponsored goat run.

  Inspired by the 2.6 Challenge, we will be doing a 26 Goat Run, at the sanctuary, 26th June.  26 of our goats will be doing their normal daily run between the yard and the top field.  They are hoping to get sponsors, to raise the urgent funds needed for their happy home!

  The participants are shown below!  We ask for a minimum donation of £5 to sponsor a participating goat; please comment the name of your chosen goat in the message section.  Once you have done this, you will be entered into a raffle.  If you sponsor the fastest goat, the first five winners pulled out the hat will receive a Walking with Goats Experiences for 2!

Andy, Pygmy, 10 years old

Bashes his door down if you're not quick enough with his breakfast

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Anoushka, Pygmy, 5 years old

Fiesty and full of energy, likes chasing other goats around

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Arlo, Saanen cross, 8 years old

Favourite activities include eating and sleeping

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Barry, Pygmy, 6 years old

Has a very silly voice and was rescued alongside a sheep and a miniature pony

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Bear, Cashmere cross, 7 years old

Grows a very puffy coat in the winter time

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Beatrice, Anglo Nubian, 12 years old

A very soppy old lady that loves a chat

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Bernard, Anglo Nubian, 9 years old

Very lanky legs and quite dippy, very attached to his aunty Beatrice

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Blaze, Pygmy cross, 4 years old

Always doing something that he shouldn't be!

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Blossom, Saanen cross, 10 years old

Friendly and very attached to her sister, Glenda

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Cole, Mixed breed, 8 years old

Gets very excited around dinner time!

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Cracker, Toggenburg cross, 5 years old

Had to return from his foster home, as he was found on the roof!

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Daisy, Saanen, 6 years old

A very lovely chonky girl with a loud voice

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Dillon, Pygmy, 6 years old

Sometimes gets a little overly playful when excited

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Elvis, Bagot, 8 years old

Makes noises like a chicken when annoyed

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Fern, Angora, 7 years old

Slightly nervous, but a very caring mother to Fonzie

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Fonzie, Angora, 6 years old

Arrived in the back of a Vauxhall Astra, much braver than his mum

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Frankie, Saanen cross, 3 years old

Found with BB pellets embedded in his chest

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Glenda, Saanen cross, 10 years old

A strong idependent lady, who loves a cuddle

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Jasper, Boer, 1 year old

Loves human attention, and only has one ear

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Leia, Anglo Nubian, 4 years old

Pretty and she knows it, also responds to Princess

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Marmite, Anglo Nubian, 4 years old

The ultimate derp with a goofy smile

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Natalie, Swiss Alpine cross, 9 years old

Very intellegent, is able to let other goats out of their pens

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Pooky, Pygmy, 8 years old

The smallest goat on the yard, enjoys itching her bum on hay racks

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Topaz, Toggenburg cross, 9 years old

Very pretty and very athletic, although likes to steal food in the morning

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Vern, Toggenburg, 9 years old

Gives the best cuddles on the yard, was thrown over our gate when he was a baby

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Vincent, Feral cross, 9 years old

Well established head of the herd, best friends with Elvis

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