The John Appeal

  This is John, as we found him, in heart-breaking conditions, on the day he was rescued, late 2019.  He had spent his life tightly tethered in a small outbuilding, in the centre of London, with very limited access to any food, water, fresh air or even a bed.  Having already brought a tear to the eye of many, this beautiful soul really brought home, why we do, what we do.

  Upon arrival, John was only interested in saying hello to his new friends!  Having not seen another goat for years, he was thoroughly over excited to finally have some company.  Over the next few days John had a visit to the vets, and began to enjoy the food, water, shelter, company and care that he could now enjoy.

  John has now settled in at Buttercups and is living a happy, free and healthy life!  We are now hoping to turn his story into a positive one, by creating a legacy in his name, with all funds going towards helping others in need of help, just like him.

 Perhaps John can help put a stop to the cruelty and neglect that he has suffered.

  For over 30 years now, Buttercups have been rescuing abused and abandoned goats from all over the south-east, and even some further afield.  Coming from a range of backgrounds, in this time we have witnessed some terrible conditions, and been fortunate enough to rescue some of the most beautiful animals, many of which need serious aftercare, both physically and psychologically.  And these are the lucky ones, who were rescued from their living nightmare.  There are still others out there, who are still waiting for the day when they too are rescued.

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