About Us

Buttercups very first began when Bob and Valerie Hitch agreed to take two unwanted goats into care in 1989. A few months later, an RSPCA inspector asked if they could accept another goat in need of urgent care. In less than a month, yet another arrived. Before long, goats suffering from all sorts of cruelty and neglect were arriving from around the county. By 2003, with so many goats to care for, the sanctuary became a registered charity. Our Patron is the wonderful and invaluable Rt. Hon. Ann Widdecombe.


We're the only registered charity in the UK who care solely for the welfare of goats. We rescue abandoned, abused and neglected goats, and we also help animals simply in need of a new home whose owners can no longer care for them or who have been left alone after the death of companion goats. We also help improve the knowledge and education about goat welfare nationwide.


In 2007, Bob and Valerie Hitch received the Elsie M J Evans award from the RSPCA in recognition of their outstanding animal rescue work.

Our Goats

We have about 137 goats living on site, with about another 109 under our protection in foster homes. Some of our goats are rescued from cruel and unsuitable situations and others can no longer be looked after by their original owners.

Our herd is split into two - a main group and a small herd of males where entire billies are kept isolated from the main group until they've recovered fully from castration. Our goats can roam over open fields during the day and have warm, dry, undercover accommodation at night, either in individual stalls or sharing with a close companion. These stalls are cleaned daily by our team of dedicated volunteers and each goat receives any attention needed daily such as grooming, foot treatment and medical care.

Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats, Wierton Road, Boughton Monchlesea, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 4JW

Charity No. 1099627

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