Support Buttercups today by adopting a goat of your own!


For just £20, you can adopt one of our goats for 12 months, during which time your financial support will contribute towards the cost of caring for all of our rescued animals.  This could make an ideal gift, or even just a little something for yourself!

The initial adoption pack includes a certificate, postcard of and letter from your goat and a copy of our latest quarterly newsletter, with three subsequent newsletters sent throughout the following year to keep you up to date with all the latest goings on at the sanctuary.

Adopting a goat is simple. Choose your favourite from the goats below - each has a unique personality - and follow the steps.  You should then receive the adoption pack within one working week (if this is a gift, the pack can either be sent to yourself OR the gift recipient).

Please allow extra time for shipping outside the UK, which will cost an extra £5.00 for postage.


A rather naughty male pygmy goat. This little guy has a squeaky voice and a big attitude, being well known for bashing his pen door down and pinching...


A very cheeky female pygmy who is full of energy.  Despite being small, she loves climbing and often decides to chase the other goats around the...


A calm, medium sized cashmere type whose thick winter coat makes him look very different throughout the year.  Bear is highly friendly although c...


One of our most mischievous goats, Blaze is known for his loud voice and big personality.  Using his fantastic jumping skills and sneakiness, he...
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A large, British Alpine female, Brandy is a confident, approachable lady who likes a cuddle and playing with her friends.  She is often highly en...


A docile mixed breed male, who has a persistent cough due to his life before the sanctuary.  Never accused of being the brightest spark, Cole is...


A shy lady who prefers her own company.  Whilst Fern is undoubtedly beautiful in her stunning woolly coat, she is often best admired from a dista...


A vocal male Boer goat with one very distinctive feature – a missing ear!  Despite this, Jasper doesn’t let his lack-of-ear get in th...
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A stunning and very popular ‘True Pygmy’ who knows just how pretty she is. With her musical voice and princess attitude, Maggie always lik...


A very loving Swiss Alpine female, who is the smartest goat in the entire herd. When she isn’t using her brain to get up to mischief, Natalie is...


A very confident and handsome male pygmy goat despite his small stature. Neville loves visitors and enjoys nothing more than a fuss and a cuddle.


An adorable ‘True Pygmy’ and sibling to Maggie and Neville, Winston’s friendly attitude makes him highly loveable. Whether he’...
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Sponsored Goat Visit

Lovely couple of hours spent relaxing amongst all the goats. The atmosphere is wonderful and you could honestly sit and watch them all day. Will happily come back with friends/family.

Trip Advisor July 2021
Best Relaxant Ever

I just love sitting, petting the very happy goats. If you are stressed it is the biggest stress reliever ever!!! Love that everything you spend money on will go towards looking after the goats. I will be visiting as often as possible.

Trip Advisor June 2023
Well Worth A Visit

Well worth a visit. Very child-friendly. Goats clearly loved and well cared for. Very hands-on experience for visitors. Helpful, cheerful staff. Had a lot of fun here.

Trip Advisor June 2023
A gentle sanctuary for goat and visitors

A lovely relaxing place. Great to see the Goats just roaming free. Plenty of willing goats looking for a gentle fuss, plus the opportunity to feed some of them if you purchase a bag of goat feed for £1. Definitely worth the visit.

Jon June 2023
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