Buttercups currently fosters out more than 150 goats within our catchment zone of Kent & East Sussex, and we are immensely grateful to all of our foster homes.  Being able to give our rescue goats a new loving forever home, helps us to keep pens available so that we are able to rescue almost twice as many goats.

Before welcoming goats into you family however, serious consideration is essential.  They will require daily care and attention, with various costs (such as food, fencing, vet care etc.) to be taken into account as well.  The following will also be needed:

  • A minimum of 0.25 acres of land
  • Appropriate stabling and fencing (we are happy to advise)
  • Removal of toxic vegetation
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Goats are herd animals, so Buttercups will only ever foster out a minimum of two at a time, which must be put away at night.  Our foster team will visit at least once a year and will always be on call to help. If veterinary care becomes necessary, the sanctuary should be contacted immediately.  It is appreciated if the individual foster home can bear the cost of routine treatments, however Buttercups will contribute where necessary.

If you are interested in fostering some of our goats, please complete our Foster Home Application Form and return it to us via email.  You will then hear back shortly from the foster team with further information.

Please note that we DO NOT foster goats for milking, breeding or land clearance.

Fostering Application