Buttercups Fostership Scheme

  Buttercups currently fosters out more than 150 goats within our catchment zone of Kent & East Sussex, and we are immensely grateful to all of our foster homes.  Being able to give our rescue goats a new loving forever home, helps us to keep pens available so that we are able to rescue almost twice as many goats.

  Fostering is a very rewarding experience, however serious consideration is required before welcoming some goats into the family.  They need daily care and attention all year round, with various costs (such as food, fencing, vet care etc.) to take into account as well.

  We do not usually foster to institutions, and the goats legally remain the property of Buttercups.  Our foster team will visit at least once a year, and are available for advice and visits at other times.  If veterinary care becomes necessary, Buttercups should be contacted immediately.  It is appreciated if the individual foster home can bear the costs of routine treatments, however Buttercups will contribute where necessary.  We also ask that you attend one of our goat husbandry courses, prior to the goat’s arrival.

  If you decide to go ahead with fostering, then we have a few requirements you should be aware of:

  If you are interested in providing a forever home to some of our lovely goats after careful consideration, please complete our Foster Home Application Form, and return it to us via email.  You will then shortly hear back from out foster team with further information.

  In addition to this, we also aim to help as many goats in need of rehoming outside of our catchment zone as we possibly can.  Therefore, if you are not within the Kent/East Sussex area, but still wish to help with re-homing, then please complete the Foster Home Application Form and return it to us via email, and we will contact you if we are informed of any goats in your area that are looking for a new home.

Below are our goats who are currently looking for their new home:

Please be aware that we match the goats to the people, to insure their best possible future.

Billy & Elliot

  These two characters both arrived in April 2018 within days of each other, and quickly became good friends.  If you wanted to get the full goat experience with just two goats, then look no further!  Billy (age 4 on arrival) is a cheeky, playful pigmy goat, and in comparison, Elliot (Age 4-5 on arrival) is a very gentle and affectionate Golden Guernsey.  They are both happy and healthy animals, however Billy must be kept only with other males.  This is because he is an un-castrated billy goat, due to undescended testicles, however we’re pleased to say this does not cause him any health or behavioural issues.

Bramble & Gobo

  Bramble arrived at the sanctuary in April 2012 from Reigate in Surrey, and is one of the few for whom we actually have a birth date (16/12/08).  He is a medium-sized black pigmy male and lives next door to his friend, Gobo.  Gobo has actually been with us since July 2009, arriving from Charring Heath, and is a medium sized grey pigmy male, similar to Bramble. The two bonded quite quickly over the summer of 2012, and were able to be re-homed together that September.  Unfortunately, after several happy years at their foster home, they had to return to us September last year due to un-foreseen circumstances.  So they are now once again looking for a loving home to take care of them into their elder years.  Whilst they are good friends, they don’t like sharing a bed at night, so must be kept individually.

Wendy, Zeph & Zulu

  This trio of mother Wendy and twin brothers Zeph & Zulu, are absolutely full of character!  Wendy, estimated age 5 (2019) is a friendly and inquisitive young Toggenberg, whilst Zeph and Zulu (Saanens, age 1 - 2019) are full of life and just want to spend their days playing, exploring and climbing, with Zulu in particular enjoying have cuddles with everyone.  They arrived late summer 2018 after being found abandoned, and mum and babies are now ready to find a happy home to live and thrive in.  When feeding them their meals, they need to be separated to insure they all get the correct portion sizes.  Some play equipment for the kids would make them very happy as well!

Shady, Ricky & Rita

  These three arrived at Buttercups in March 2018, from a small farm in London.  The owners of the city farm had a choice of sending them to a slaughterhouse, or sending them to our sanctuary, and happily they sent them to us.  Shady is an 8-year-old (estimated – 2019) Toggenberg female with a broken horn, who may be a little nervous of humans at first, but will soon become more approachable once she gets more comfortable around you.  Ricky & Rita (Shady’s kids, age 2 - 2019) are twin brother and sister.  Despite being young, these two are very confident for their age.  They are full of energy and enjoy playing, so some toys to climb on would be a good idea to help keep them entertained!  Shady, Ricky and Rita have already been re-homed once, but unfortunately it didn’t work out and they had to come back.  Please help us find them their happily ever after.

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