Would you like to foster two or more goats?

Buttercups currently fosters out more than 100 goats to foster keepers who have suitable facilities. We are immensely grateful to these fosterers who enable us to rescue almost twice as many goats than would otherwise be possible.

Fostering is a very rewarding experience, goats being intelligent animals of great character. However, it should only be contemplated after serious consideration as they need daily care and attention the year around. There are also costs in regard to food, fencing, stabling and veterinary care (see below). Fostered goats should be treated as domestic pets and we will not normally foster to institutions.

Fostered goats remain the property of Buttercups and may be recalled by us if necessary. Our Foster Support Team members will visit you and the goats at least once a year, more frequently in the first year. We are available for advice and visits at other times should you so request. If veterinary care becomes necessary you should first contact Buttercups. It is appreciated if you can bear the costs of routine treatments but Buttercups will contribute where necessary.

Some key points are:

If you want to make further enquiries, please leave your contact details, including your full postal address, with our Foster Support Team via email or leave a message. We will then send you our detailed goat care leaflet and an application form, and subsequently arrange to visit your property for further discussion.

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