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Welcome to Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats

Buttercups is a Kent-based sanctuary for goats, caring for between 130 and 150 goats resident in the sanctuary at any one time and with a similar number of goats fostered out to approved carers.

The goats in the care of Buttercups come to the sanctuary for a multitude of different reasons. Some have been found abandoned and are brought to the sanctuary by organisations such as the RSPCA and the Police. Others have been privately owned pets but, as they grow up they need an environment with more space and the company of other goats, goats being highly social animals. Other residents of Buttercups have been used for scientific testing.

Whatever their history, the goats at Buttercups are assured of warm, dry and clean stabling, a healthy and varied diet, and plenty of safe space for grazing and exercise.

If you're concerned about the welfare of any goat, please contact Buttercups for advice.

Buttercups is funded solely by charitable donation.

Here are some of the more popular ways that you can help to support the goats at Buttercups.

Become a Friend of Buttercups For a minimum donation of £15 you can help pay for the upkeep of the goats at Buttercups as well as being kept up to date on activities at Buttercups through the quarterly newsletter
Adopt a Goat

By Adopting a Goat for a minimum donation of £20 you become directly involved with one of the eligible goats. You will receive a certificate and quarterly newsletter. You are encouraged to visit your adopted goat on days when Buttercups are open...see Events. Goats may be adopted by more than one person.

Become a Guardian

When you become a Guardian, for £300 per year you become the sole supporter of your chosen goat. £300 is roughly what it costs to support a goat for one year. You may pay by a single payment or by monthly standing order. Guardians are welcome to visit their goat when Buttercups are open.....see Events, and at other times by arrangement. You can also take your goat for walks in the surrounding area.

You may form a "Syndicate" of up to four people to jointly guardian a goat provided one person in the syndicate is nominated to lead.

Join Amy and Tina discussing how to become a Guardian Angel in Episode Three of Butterclips. Video by Darren Randle.

Foster Goats Currently Buttercups is very close to maximum capacity. No goats have ever been turned away but new fosterers are urgently needed to make space in the sanctuary. If you are interested in fostering please ask for a fostering checklist.
Upcoming Events

Family Day

The first Sunday in each month from May to October is a Family Day. The next of these is Sunday October 4th. Don't worry about the grey skies.....brighten your day with a goat!!

For more details on these and all of our events this year, please go to our Events page.

Ways to help

Buttercups is completely reliant on public donations to survive. If you're able to make a donation to help us continue our work, this would be wonderful. Either use the DONATE button towards the top of this page or find out more about donating HERE.

There are also other ways you can HELP US:

Jenny and Linda helped with a SPONSORED WALK for Buttercups. Can you do something similar?

Support our Buttercups EBAY SHOP

ADOPT, GUARDIAN, or SYNDICATE one of our goats

If you shop on line, suppost EASYFUNDRAISING and raise money for things you buy at NO extra cost to yourself.


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