Arson Attack 25th November 2021

  Buttercups is fortunate to have over 40 Foster Homes within the counties of Kent and East Sussex.  These wonderful people help the charity by providing permanent homes, thus allowing space for us to take into care other goats needing love and attention.

  On the evening of Thursday 25h November, at about 11pm, one of our foster families were doing a late night check of their security cameras, when they noticed smoke coming from the stables.  When they arrived the straw on the stable floor was a mass of flames and the room full of dense smoke.  As soon as the door was opened, one of the goats named Belle shot out into the yard and collapsed in the yard, but Twinkle, the remaining goat could not be seen.  Fortunately, the water hose was connected close by and was immediately used to extinguish the flames.  Twinkle emerged from the fire badly scorched.

  The emergency services were quickly on the scene together with the local vet.  Both goats were suffering from very burnt feet and scorched hair.  Their heads were swollen about their eyes caused by them both running round the stables in panic in the thick smoke, colliding each time with the stable walls.  Both animals had inhaled heavy smoke and were suffering not only from severe shock but were not experiencing difficulty breathing.  The vet administered pain relief and anti-inflammatory injections.

  Both Twinkle and Belle were put into another stable overnight and the next day brought over to Buttercups.  The staff throughout the weekend gave them both hourly attention, continuing with the medication subscribed by the vet.  Keeping them both warm, providing liquids against dehydration together with liquid feed, as both goats continued to struggle greatly with their breathing.

  Although every attention and support was given to them both, Twinkle sadly passed away overnight, two days after the fire.  Belle, however, we are happy to say, is pulling through and is now eating and able to move around, although very gingerly due to her burnt feet.

  Upon inspection, the cameras revealed someone opening the stable door and throwing a large firework into the stable.  The two goats had little chance and a police investigation is underway.  Buttercups is launching an appeal to help cover the costs of the night and medical after care for Belle, together with help to cover future vet bills, which with 140 goats can amount to several thousand pounds per month.

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