Plan Your Visit

  To visit Buttercups you simply need to make a donation on arrival (this can be cash OR card, suggested to be £5 per person), and there is no need to book!  Throughout our summer season (April-October), the sanctuary is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (not Wednesdays!) from 11am-4pm.  Across the winter season (November-March), we run reduced hours of Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, from 11am-3pm.  Please note that during school holidays, the sanctuary will always be open six days a week.

  During your visit, you will be free to roam and relax amongst the goats, however there is a small ‘off-limits’ area, which is for goats only, so that they have someone quiet to retreat to if they so wish.  It is also worth noting, that any goats wearing RED COLLARS can be temperamental, so will require a bit more space, and we recommend not petting them.

  Feeding the goats is a must-do for your visit! This can be done from within the feeding area, and cost £1 per bag.  We ask that you do not bring your own food for the goats in with you, and that you do not re-enter the paddock until ALL FEED HAS BEEN used.  We also ask that you DO NOT FEED GOATS WEARING PURPLE COLLARS, as these are often on a diet or have delicate stomachs.

  When you are ready for a break, the Buttercups Tea Room can provide you with hot drinks, cold drinks, crisps, cakes, snack bars and Ice-Cream (all the best stuff!).  If you wish to bring a picnic, we recommend leaving it in your car until required, and you MUST NOT OPEN IT until you are in a goat free area.

  Whilst you are visiting, you may wish to keep an eye out for our Adoption Goats, who will be wearing a yellow collar.  These individuals can be adopted for £20 a year, and can make a cute addition to your visit.

  To make your visit even more memorable, checkout our range of Goat Experiences; Goat Keeper, Goat Encounter & Husbandry Course